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Helping slow down the progression of myopia in children

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All our Eyelet frames are made to be resilient, stable and provide all-day comfort. They are meant to withstand the curious handling of children and anything that life might throw your child's way.

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Holistic solution to slow down the progression of myopia in children

Myopia is a worsening epidemic happening all around the world. The percentage of children making up the demographic affected by this has been growing over the years. 

Lens companies have invested in research and development to come up with myopia control lenses. However the lenses are not complete on their own. 

Myopia control lenses are at their peak efficacy when paired with a stable and resilient frame. A stable frames ensures that the myopia control lenses stay accurately aligned to the wearer's eyes all day. 

On top of that, outdoor activity is recommended to help control myopia. However, as your child spends time under the sun, they need adequate eye sun protection. 

Our products come together to provide the best frames and accessories to help support your child's eye health. Eyelet Eyewear is the perfect partner to any myopia control lenses or prescription lenses. 



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