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Our Expertise

Creating specially engineered eyewear solutions for children of ages 5 to 16. As your children grow up, our products are able to follow them over the years. We are specially dedicated to helping to slow down the progression of children's myopia. 

Our Philosophy

We focus on business impact and creating eyewear products that make people's lives better. We balance engineering with eye-wear art form to create aesthetically beautiful products with solid user experience.

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Eyelet is proud to be under:

Urband International

Provides eyewear solutions

Sustainable Growth

Growth generated from impactful products are more competitive and sustainable in the long run.


We want to make the world know that frame functionality is a key consideration in frame design.

Consumer Satisfaction

We want the world to benefit from good eyewear design and engineering that they can feel on a daily basis.


For men seeking simplicity with style. Multi functional and comfortable.

A collection for women, design inspired by a timeless femininity and charm.

Resilient and stable frames for children of all ages,

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