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Discovering Essential Eye Health Milestones for Parents:

Welcome to our guide to your child’s eye health journey. In this blog, crucial eye health milestones will be covered as early detection is key.

Caring for your Child’s Eye: Birth till Teenage

1. Infancy (Birth - 1 Year)

Your child’s vision progresses from blinking at bright lights to recognizing nearby images in their first year.

Vital Signs:

- Eye Alignment:

In a year, Infants develop strong hand-eye coordination through crawling. If their eyes seem misaligned, do alert your pediatrician.

- Eye Movement:

Infants are also able to track & follow fast moving objects. If your child struggles with moving items, do seek advice from your pediatrician.

2. Toddlerhood (1 - 3 Years)

In toddlerhood, your child’s visual abilities develop swiftly with clear distance vision for them to navigate their surroundings.

Vital Signs:

- Fine Motor Skills:

To express their creativity, toddlers start scribbling in crayons. Don’t worry about pencil grip but watch out for a lack of interest.

- Visual Preference:

As your child’s colour vision develops, they may prefer certain colours like bright red. If your child constantly fails to distinguish colours, you should consult an eye specialist.

3. Early Childhood (3 - 6 Years)

At this age, your child’s eyesight is near full development with a 20/20 vision.

Vital Signs:

- Visual Memory:

With improved memory, your child can now identify complex shapes and letters. However, seek medical guidance if he/she struggle with tasks like sorting of colours into different boxes.

- Hand-Eye coordination:

Hand-Eye coordination is crucial for improved concentration and problem-solving skills. Engage your child in activities like puzzles and coloring for long-term benefits.

4. Middle Childhood (6 - 12 Years)

Even though your child might be keenly focused on studies at this life stage, do educate them the following practices whenever possible:

Good Practices:

  • Spending time Outdoors

Spending time outdoors improves your kid’s vision when dopamine, a happy hormone, from sunlight prevents myopia.

However, a good sunglass is needed as kid’s are more vulnerable to UV rays than adults. Eyelet SunPlus, an attachable sunglass for children’s glass, ideally offers outdoor benefits with UV400 protection.

  • Investing in a Good Eyewear

Annual eye check-ups are necessary for early vision problem detection. If new glasses are needed, Eyelet is here for you. Eyelet’s stable frames prevent misalignment from your child’s active routine and our patented technology helps slow down myopia progression.

5. Teenagers (12 to 18 Years)

When teenagers explore their individualism and identity, you should support their journey with a quality eyewear.

Introducing Eyelet’s Me collection:

Eyelet Me is your teenagers answer to their search of a statement piece that reflects their unique personality. Our technically designed Me frames include a patented hinge that allows them to confidently #BeYourself.

Interested in our products?

Look through our website or visit our Shopee store (Singapore only) for more information !

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