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Does your child need sunglasses?

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Sunglasses! While cool and fun for the kids, they place an extremely important and necessary role in protecting your child’s eyes. If proper care and protection are not provided during the early stages of development, children will be at risk of developing complicated and potentially irreversible vision problems in the future. Here are reasons why sunglasses are important for your kids:

(The Eyelet SunPlus)

1. Increase in children’s exposure to harmful UV rays

Based on the 2015 World Health Organisation report on the impact of myopia, when children spend more than two hours outdoors every day, the risk of developing myopia will be reduced. That is why more schools (such as those in China and Singapore) have been implementing more outdoor activities for children. While these efforts are meant to be beneficial, the lack of adequate eyewear protection could pose another risk of exposure to harmful UV rays. Increased exposure without protection can cause various eye diseases in the future, such as cataracts and keratitis (cornea burns). Hence, UV protection from sunglasses is vital for children amidst the rise of outdoor activities.

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2. Children’s eyes are different from adults’

As children’s eyes are more sensitive than adults’, the lens of their eye transmits about 70% more UV than an adult’s eye, posing a greater risk of retinal injury. This increased susceptibility to UV rays, coupled with the rise of outdoor activities, makes eye protection an essential for children.

(The crystalline lens protecting the eye is more transparent in children)

3. Wouldn't hats do the job?

Hats, unfortunately, only protect from above and not below. Places where kids love to go, such as swimming pools and beaches, continue to pose the risk of UV ray exposure as they can still be reflected from surfaces such as water and sand.

(The Eyelet SunPlus)

Not just an accessory, but highly necessary

While studies show more than 80% of parents regularly applying sunscreen to their children, less than one-third provide their children with sunglasses, even when both solutions protect them from UV rays. It is time for parents to consider the necessity of sunglasses for their children, rather than just an accessory or a fashion statement. The earlier preventive measures are readily provided for your children, the more you can ensure the maintenance of their healthy vision.

But my child is already wearing spectacles, wouldn’t it be costly and inconvenient to provide sunglasses for him/her?

Understandably, parents might be hesitant about purchasing a set of sunglasses for their children who are already wearing spectacles. Firstly, it is costly to customise sunglasses with a prescription. Additionally, children’s facial features continue to change as they are still growing. The constant keep-up of new sunglasses to fit the child can pose even greater costs. Secondly, it is inconvenient to bring around an extra set of eyewear, and the thought of having to interchange between the different sets of eyewear is troublesome.

Fret not! Here at Eyelet, we have just the solution – introducing the Eyelet SunPlus.

(Product feature of the Eyelet SunPlus)

Gone are the days of clip-on sunglasses where they tend to be bulky and inconvenient, the Eyelet SunPlus are sunglass lenses that can be attached seamlessly to any children’s spectacles. As the lenses are only connected from a stretchable nylon string, the Eyelet SunPlus can also be easily folded and stored in a small pouch, making it remarkably convenient to store and bring around.

(Convenient storage of the Eyelet SunPlus)

We believe that with our newly patented technology, we can solve the underlying issues of parents getting sunglasses for their children who are wearing spectacles. Furthermore, we aim to shed light on the impact of not providing adequate eyewear protection for children and hopefully build more awareness and concern amongst parents to consider the necessity of eyewear protection such as sunglasses.

While children possess the utmost youthful energy, they deserve to spend their childhood enjoying outdoor activities, and they certainly deserve the best from you. Protect your children with Eyelet SunPlus today!


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