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Eye Exercises: Clearer Vision, Better Decision

Guide for a Brighter tomorrow!

Welcome to our Blog that helps Parents enhance their child’s vision through simple eye exercises. These exercises will reduce your kid’s eye fatigue & improve their eye coordination!

What are eye exercises?

Eye exercises are valuable techniques that strengthen eye muscles and enhance eye coordination. As Kids curious & screen-intensive lifestyle causes frequent eye strains, you should introduce them to key exercises early! These eye exercises alleviating digital eye strain and myopia progression will emphasis the importance of prevention over cure.

Prime Exercises from us to you!

1. Use your Palms Rightly

Palming is a simple & effective eye exercise suitable for individuals of all ages. Regular practice of this relaxing technique results in enhanced vision, better stress management, and fewer headache episodes.

Follow these 4 simple steps for great benefits:

- Sit in a comfortable position

- Rub your Palms together for warmth

- Place Warm Palms on your eyes & apply slight pressure

- Relax tensed muscles & focus on your breathing

2. Roll your Eyes

Yes! We are not kidding. This straight-forward technique strengthens your eye muscles and reduces the progression of myopia. Just roll your eyes gently clockwise and back anti-clockwise to gain quick relief from digital eye strains. Try it now!

3. Pencil Push-Ups!

To do pencil push-ups, your child must hold a pencil at an arm’s length and slowly bring it closer to their nose. When the pencil appears as a double image, they can start over. This exercise improves your child’s vision acuity and corrects childhood issue of strabismus (cross-eye).

Eyelet Eyewear: Your Child’s companion for Eye exercises!

Eyelet’s thoughtfully-designed frames are more than just fashion statements, they are comfortable fixtures that amplify the benefits of eye exercises. All our frames have flexible hinges and resistant temples that provides comfort and ensures the effectiveness of your child’s myopia management lenses during these exercises!

Keen to elevate your Child’s eyewear journey?

Look through our website for more information or visit our Shopee store (Singapore only) to Purchase now!



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