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Eyelet provides the best eyewear solution to slow down myopia progression amongst children!

Myopia in children is a jarring issue that our world is currently facing. As a result, major lens companies from the optical industry have introduced myopia control and management lenses, whilst ophthalmologists and professional optometrists continuously recommend new and improved myopia management lenses to the parents of myopic children.

Spectacles are composed of both lenses and frames. However, as most consumers prioritise the importance of lenses, the need for a good pair of frames often gets overlooked.

Although myopia management lenses are essential in any pair of spectacles hoping to slow down the progression of myopia, it does not solve the prevalent issue of children’s spectacles frequently slipping down their nose bridges. This phenomenon continues to cause children’s eyes to constantly misalign with the lens, which reduces the efficacy of myopia management lenses.

Eyelet’s frame design concept has a huge emphasis on balance. Malleability and weight of the frames are huge considerations in our design process.

Eyelet frames are resilient and durable, thus not easily damaged by children’s careless handling. Its ergonomic design also ensures the frame does not slide down the nose bridge through a firm grip that stabilises the frame in the proper position on children’s faces at all times, allowing children’s eyes to always be aligned with the lenses. Not only does Eyelet frames enhance the effectiveness of myopia management lenses in slowing down myopia progression amongst children, it also provides a comfortable and fashionable wearing experience.

Slowing down the progression of children’s myopia: Eyelet spectacle frames + children’s myopia management lenses (new and improved version)


Urband (parent company of Eyelet) aims to provide eyewear protection solutions and design products that improve people’s lives. We have achieved a balance between eyewear engineering and artistic design, featuring innovative yet aesthetically pleasing and comfortable products. With over 40 years of experience in the optical industry and the continuous drive to innovate, we believe that we can play a significant role in alleviating the existing problems of the eyewear industry that are faced universally.

In 2018, Urband won the highly regarded Silmo d’Or gold medal in the children’s eyewear category for its Eyelet Active series at the Silmo Paris Optical Fair.

Eyelet is designed to provide children with the most resilient, durable, and comfortable spectacles. With the ability to withstand the careless handling of spectacles from children, it is the most suitable frame choice for active children, and without a doubt the most reassuring choice for parents!



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