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Eyelet - The most effective kid's eyewear for myopia management lens

With the ongoing pandemic that is disrupting the whole world, children are spending less time outdoors with prolonged exposure to screens. This has contributed to the spike in childhood myopia globally.

The most popular and effective method is to fit children with myopia management lenses, which are commonly endorsed and supported by many eye hospitals and optometrists worldwide.

However, without a stable, firm and well-fitted frame, no matter how premium the lenses are, they may be unable to offer children the full intended result. If the frames are unable to rest properly against their face, lens precision is affected, which would ultimately lead to eyestrain and discomfort.

It is also necessary to take into consideration that kids often mishandle their spectacles whether intentionally or unintentionally, resulting in the frequent misalignment of conventional children’s frames, even if they were originally well-adjusted and fitted by the optician.

Eyelet’s frames, on the other hand, offer children the ideal experience as they aid with resilience and have an excellent grip, providing stability and comfort. In order to maximise the efficacy of myopia management lenses, a resilient and stable frame is important.

Without a doubt, the combination of myopia management lenses and Eyelet frames is the best-fitting eyewear solution for children.



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