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What are the best sunglass options for your child who wears a spectacle?

Updated: May 19, 2021

Children are highly susceptible to UV ray exposure, and sunglasses are vital in providing adequate eye protection. However, equipping your children with sunglasses when they are already wearing a spectacle could pose numerous issues. This blog post will discuss the existing sunglass options in the market for children who wear spectacles and compare each of their feasibility.

Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses are fashionable as they retain the aesthetics of regular sunglasses. However, they are costly to make. Given the likelihood that children’s prescription may still be subjected to rapid changes and the fact that they will eventually outgrow the size of their existing prescription sunglasses, the costs to constantly get new prescription sunglasses for your children will get even higher.

(Prescription sunglasses for children - image taken from internet)

Additionally, prescription will inevitably cause lenses to become thicker and heavier. Thus, the combination of prescription onto usual big lenses of sunglasses will create a relatively heavy piece of eyewear, which diminishes the comfortability and practicality of wearing one. Eyewear that is too heavy may be prone to dropping down one’s nose bridge, and it could pose vision issues such as eye strain, blurry vision and deteriorating eyesight.

Lastly, it is not convenient to interchange between regular spectacles and prescription sunglasses throughout the course of the day, and the need to store another set of eyewear further adds to the inconvenience. Overall, the cons of getting prescription sunglasses outweigh the pros:

(Rating chart of children's prescription sunglasses)

Clip-on Sunglasses

Clip-on sunglasses come in various forms, such as magnetic or using hooks. They are relatively cheap amongst all the sunglass options for spectacle wearers, and they do not pose any wearing discomfort. However, poor aesthetics are a common issue as they follow the small frame of regular spectacles, and the hooks of clip-ons are at times too noticeable.

(Clip-on sunglasses for children - image taken from internet)

Although relatively more convenient than prescription sunglasses to interchange between, storage of clip-on sunglasses still takes up a lot of space due to their fixed structure. Additionally, clip-on sunglasses have low adaptability as it only fits specific types of frames. As children continue to experience change in their prescription and style of their spectacle frames, the type of clip-ons they need to get will also require constant changes too. Lastly, clip-on sunglasses such as magnetic ones have low stability. An active lifestyle usage would cause it to fall off or detach itself easily.

(Stability demonstration of magnetic clip-on sunglasses)

Although a cheap and comfortable option, the cons of wearing one outweighs them:

(Rating chart of children's clip-on sunglasses)

Transitional lenses

Transitional lenses are the most convenient option as it saves you the hassle of interchanging between spectacle and sunglasses, and it does not require additional storage space. However, transitional lenses retain the appearance of a regular spectacle, and aesthetics could be an issue as there is no transformative look. The colour change of transitional lenses are at times not dark enough too. Therefore, under strong sun, it may not be effective enough to cut off the glare and offer sufficient protection.

(Transitional lenses for children - image taken from internet)

Lastly, even though transitional lenses are cost-effective as you do not need to buy another set of sunglasses, it might not be the case for children in particular as their prescription are still likely to change. The need to constantly change up new transitional lenses for your children with the right prescription can amount to more costs eventually. Regardless, if aesthetics are not the priority for your child, transitional lenses are relatively better as compared to previous sunglass options:

(Rating chart of children's transitional lenses)

Eyelet SunPlus

While many sunglass options for spectacle wearers pose numerous disadvantages, there is one product that aims to resolve those issues – introducing the Eyelet SunPlus:

(Eyelet SunPlus product display)

(Specifications of Eyelet SunPlus)

The Eyelet SunPlus is not your typical clip-on sunglasses. Firstly, the super-resilient and elastic band can stretch 2.3 times of its original length. This creates the flexibility to fit many different kids’ spectacles of various shapes, sizes and thickness as they grow up and change spectacles over time, making it highly adaptable. Secondly, it is cost-effective due to its high adaptability to fit a wide variety of frame sizes, and you do not need to constantly get a new pair of prescription sunglasses or attachments for your children’s spectacles.

(The Eyelet SunPlus attached onto children's existing spectacle frames)

Thirdly, the SunPlus completely covers the spectacle, and the hooks are not visible from the exterior. These features allow the SunPlus to seamlessly fit onto any regular spectacles and create the look of a trendy pair of sunglasses. Fourthly, the SunPlus is designed to stay firm onto spectacles, and it is perfect for active children where the lenses will not fall off or detach themselves easily.

Last but not least, it does not pose any discomfort as they are attached to your child’s spectacles. It is also extremely convenient to attach and detach, and it saves a lot of storage space as it can be folded to fit into a small pouch.

(Convenience of Eyelet SunPlus)

Overall, the Eyelet SunPlus retains all the strengths of other sunglass options, such as the aesthetics of prescription sunglasses, the convenience of clip-ons and the comfortability of transitional lenses:

(Rating chart of the Eyelet SunPlus)

As children’s exposure to UV rays are on the rise, the need to provide them with adequate eye protection is essential. While there are various sunglass options for spectacle wearers in the market today, none have attained the level of superiority in functionality and aesthetics as seen from SunPlus. So what are you waiting for? Get your child protected with SunPlus today!


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