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How can excessive digital devices harm kids' eyes?

With technology enhancement and the convenience it brings, likely every individual has at least one electronic device with them. It’s unavoidable and almost impossible to cut out the use of electronic devices, as we need them for the following:

Other than using it for necessities such as schooling and working. We often tie resting to using electronic devices. An undeniable fact is we would use our mobile to sleep while the lights are off. With excessive use of electronic device and prolonged screen time it can cause the following impact:

Although we can't eliminate the use of electronic devices, what we can do is to use our devices in an appropriate manner, which helps to decrease the risk of the damage it can bring to our eyes and health!

The elbow rule means having your devices placed at eye level with an arm length spacing, while the 20-20-20 rule helps to calm and rest the eye muscles. 

To minimize eyes strained, instead of using a glass protector, getting a matte protector would be easier for the eyes. Additionally, while we can’t reduce our electronic usage for school and work, what we can do is reduce our leisure screen time to a maximum of 2 hours a day. As excessive usage can cause difficulty to sleep at night! Lastly, blinking and eye drop helps to moist the eyes which refrain dry eyes from occurring. 

Some ways to minimize digital usage are watching it with them. This not only allows you to stop their screen time when needed but also analyze the content they are watching. You can also set a timer for your kids, so you would know when to stop them. Furthermore, having bonding sessions help to bring you closer to each other, yet occupy the time without using electronic devices. Lastly, bringing them out for outdoor activities allows them to get close to nature, exposure to sunlight and at the same time work their muscles!

Not to forget, it’s necessary to protect your eyes. To do so, it’s advised to wear a pair of sunglasses. Therefore, do check out Eyelet SunPlus for portable and convenient sunglasses that block out UV rays anytime and anywhere you need it!

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