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How long does it takes to get used to a pair of new spectacles?

Wearing new spectacles for the first time can evoke feelings of happiness and increased self-assurance. Nevertheless, it may require some time for your vision to fully adapt and feel at ease with your new eyeglasses.

In case you continue to experience dizziness or notice a persistent blurriness in your vision after wearing your new glasses for an extended period, it is advisable to contact your eye doctor.

How long does it take to adjust to new spectacles?

The adjustment period for your eyes and brain to acclimate to your new prescription glasses typically ranges from a few days to a few weeks. Moreover, the higher the prescription changes, the longer to adapt. If you find that your eyes have not adapted within this timeframe, it is recommended to consult your optician to assess the situation and ensure proper adjustment of your glasses.

Experiences after changing to new spectacles:

Eye fatigue and headache

Eye strain is often the main culprit behind this symptom. The muscles in your eyes can become fatigued, leading to headaches. It's important to remember that not only are your eyes adjusting to the new lenses, but your brain is also working hard to process the visual information received from your eyes. Occasionally, this increased brain activity can contribute to headaches, but they should typically diminish within a day or so.

Depth perception issues

Some objects may appear closer or further away. It may take some time for your brain to recalibrate and accurately judge the spatial relationship between objects.

It's important to note that these depth perception issues are typically short-term and should resolve as your eyes and brain adapt to the new spectacles.


Blurriness is a common symptom experienced after changing spectacles. When adjusting to a new prescription, your eyes may take some time to adapt, causing temporary blurriness in your vision. This blurriness should gradually improve as your eyes adjust to the new lenses. It's important to allow your eyes time to adapt and avoid straining them further.

How to quickly adapt to new glasses?

Eyelet’s frames aid with resilience and have an excellent grip, providing stability and comfort.

A stable frame can fasten the speed of getting used to a new spectacle, as a stable frame is able to rest properly on a kid’s face, preventing it from sliding down the nose bridge or tilting. This ensures that the direction the kid looks at will always be aligned with the spectacles. Eyelet's frames facilitate a quicker adaptation process for kids when transitioning to a new pair of spectacles.



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