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Matching Eyewear with School Essentials: Fun and Stylish Ideas

Updated: Jul 4

As parents, we know how important it is for our kids to feel confident and stylish, especially with their eyewear. Previously, we talked about matching glasses with outfits here, which was a big hit. Now, let’s explore another fun new idea: coordinating eyewear with school essentials. This vibrant approach adds a playful touch to their school day and highlights the many colour options available here at Eyelet Eyewear.

1. Water Bottles

Hydration is essential for your child's energy at school. Matching blue Eyelet glasses and water bottles can make staying hydrated fun and stylish, encouraging your kids to drink more water. This coordinated look not only creates a cohesive appearance but also helps your kid associate the colour blue with water, hydration and freshness, making it a fashionable and fantastic daily habit.


2. Stationery

The most essential thing children need to excel in school is stationery, and coordinating them with their eyeglasses can be an enriching activity. Whether it's a collection of red pencils, a notebook, or a ruler, discovering Eyelet glasses that complement their school supplies can enhance their enthusiasm and infuse an additional dose of creativity for both studying and sporting their glasses.


3. Hairbands

For kids who love hairbands to keep their hair neat and tidy, matching glasses can create a stylish, coordinated look. Pairing a pink hairband with pink Eyelet glasses boosts confidence. Wearing pink also lifts mood, reduces stress, and fosters feelings of love and kindness. Matching pink on pink will give your kids the energy to seize the day.


Colour Themes: Endless Possibilities

By exploring different colour themes, you can show your child that eyewear is not just a necessity but also a fun fashion accessory. Eyelet Eyewear offers a diverse range of colours, ensuring there’s something for every taste and preference. From vibrant reds and blues to softer pastels and neutrals, the possibilities are endless.

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