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The effects of UV ray exposure & importance of prevention

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Possible effects of UV ray exposure

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, you may see the effects of excessive UV exposure as soon as 30 minutes after exposure. As your eyes get sunburnt (photokeratitis) and you experience a wide array of symptoms ranging from mild irritations to even a temporary loss in vision (Cleveland Clinic).

While the effects of photokeratitis may ultimately heal within a few days, long-term exposure may result in much more severe chronic conditions as UV effectively ages all structures in the eye, resulting in an earlier onset of age-related eye conditions like cataracts & macular degeneration, or skin cancers (especially the eyelid) & cancerous growths on the eyes (Hopkins Medicine).

Effects of UV Rays Infographic

(American Academy of Ophthalmology)


Did you know that children are more susceptible to UV rays as compared to adults? This is because the crystalline lens of a child blocks less harmful UV rays than the crystalline lens of an adult. As a person grows older, their crystalline lens becomes more opaque which allows them to block out more UV rays, but that’s not to say you should forgo using sun protection even if you’re older. Read our previous blog to learn more about why children wearing spectacles need sunglasses.

UV rays are ever present even at night and with schools advocating for increased outdoor time to prevent child myopia progression, this means that sun protection for children is becoming a necessity rather than an accessory.

Why not a different solution?

One form of UV ray protection comes in the form of sunglasses. While they may retain the aesthetics of typical sunglasses, prescription sunglasses can be inconvenient and expensive to sustain as your child grows or changes prescriptions.

Another solution comes in the form of Transition lenses which, while convenient, may not reliably adjust the brightness, work poorly in colder weather or inside cars, and not be sufficiently polarized to reduce glare.

Alas, conventional clip-on sunglasses offer the most balanced and cost-effective solution for sun protection but may not necessarily be versatile enough to fit onto the right pair for your child and tend to lack in terms of aesthetics. And as such, Eyelet has provided a solution in the form of the Eyelet SunPlus.

Prescription Spectacles with & without SunPlus

The Eyelet SunPlus is a highly versatile form of UV ray protection that provides a high degree of UV protection, and turns any child prescription spectacles into sunglasses in an instant. The SunPlus is specifically designed to attach itself on spectacle frames of different shapes and sizes and scratch resistant. What this means is that a single SunPlus may last your child through many changing prescriptions, and still look and work equally well.

Eyelet Sunplus provides the best possible UV ray protection for your child

while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing look.


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