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Why do children wearing spectacles need sunglasses?

1. Children's eyes are more susceptible to damage by ultraviolet light! Children’s eyes are more sensitive than adults, they are vulnerable to UV rays. This is especially so if they don’t have proper sun protection while outside. Ultraviolet rays can cause various eye and skin diseases, such as cataracts, keratitis (corneal burns). Medical research shows that cataracts have been appearing at a younger age.

(UV rays exists all time, in every seasons even on cloudy day.)

Experts say that children's vision development has special physiological characteristics, and their vision development needs regular light stimulation, otherwise the child is likely to have amblyopia. Children's cornea and lens are more transparent than adults, which means that ultraviolet rays penetrate more and damage the retina more. Excessive ultraviolet rays may cause early cataracts.

(The crystalline lens protecting the eye is more transparent in children)

2. Outdoor activities help promote eye development

Outdoor activities can help prevent myopia and amblyopia. World Health Organization has advised for myopic children to spend at least two hours outdoors a day. The regular exposure to natural light along with practicing seeing objects at a further distance help slow down the progression of myopia.

(Children with myopia and amblyopia need outdoor activities to improve their eye health.)

In order to avoid other eye diseases caused by ultraviolet rays, children need to wear sunglasses to protect their eyes during outdoor activities. Especially children with eye diseases such as macular degeneration or cataracts who are not able to receive strong light and need sun protection to their eyes such as wearing UV-blocking sunglasses to improve their photophobia.

(Wearing sunglasses during outdoor activities can reduce the risk of other eye diseases)

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