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What makes a good pair of sunglasses?

If you haven’t gotten the memo, UV ray exposure can be detrimental to your long-term eye health, with children being especially vulnerable to such UV exposure! This being the case, it’s prudent that we as parents take charge of our children’s eye health and take the necessary steps and precautions to keep them safe from the sun. Read on as we take you through what are some features you should look for when looking for a competent pair of sunglasses!

Diagram showing different effects of UV exposure
UV ray exposure can cause various eye and skin diseases such as cataracts and keratitis (cornea burns)

Ensuring Sufficient Protection

UV Rating

The first and most important feature by far to look for in a pair of sunglasses is its UV protection rating. Although generally the rule is “the higher the better”, you can and should look for ones with UV400 rating, which would be sufficient in blocking effectively 100% of both harmful UVA & UVB rays! (Important Note!: darker lenses don't equate to greater protection!)

diagram showing how UV400 protects against all ranges of harmful UV radiation
UV 400 protects against effectively all harmful UV rays (image from uvex)

Lens Size

Although you want a wider area of protection, you want to make sure it doesn’t get too bulky as this may not only make it uncomfortable to wear, but also compromises the protection as it may easily slide and/or fall off their face! (such as just handing them adult sunglasses to wear)

aesthetic image of kid wearing eyelet sunplus clip-on sunglasses
You want a wide area of protection like this, but don't go overboard!


The lenses themselves should be resistant enough to handle the rough handling by children which would otherwise be scratched and compromise the effectiveness of UV protection.

Polarisation & Tint

Generally acts as a nice add-on to a pair of sunglasses, polarisation is useful in reducing uncomfortable glare whereas tints are varied and can serve a variety of different specific purposes as we’ve already gone in-depth into in a previous blog.

best uses for different sunglasses tints
Uses for different sunglass tints (image from verywell health)

Safety shouldn’t come at a trade-off!

In addition to being able to providing a sufficient level of protection, some factors you may want to also consider for your bespectacled child might be;

  • User Comfort - This could refer to a few things, the aforementioned polarised lenses for glare protection, ensuring the sunglasses themselves aren’t too weighty, and also how easy it is to wear (or clip on in the case of clip-ons)

  • Portability - Prescription sunglasses may be your first option for eye sun protection. But having to bring an extra pair of glasses around may prove to be a greater hassle than you might initially think. Consider clip-ons for a more portable option and protection on-the-go!

  • Aesthetics - An appealing design might not be your first thought as opposed to good protection, but we believe that it’s possible for both to come together to create a better option overall, and not at a high cost such as with prescription sunglasses.

aesthetic image of eyelet sunplus clip-on sunglasses
Eyelet SunPlus provides ample protection whilst looking aesthetic!

Choose SunPlus!

If you happen to be looking for the ideal pair of sunglasses, Eyelet SunPlus has you covered! Checking off all the points we’ve mentioned! Providing your child the necessary protection without compromising on a good user experience. Learn more about the SunPlus’s revolutionary design here!.

Interested? Contact us or visit our Shopee store (SG only) to purchase!


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