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Does lens size matter?

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Today, there are sunglasses in many different shapes and sizes available in the market to suit consumers unique styles and tastes. Images used is from the internet)

Sunglasses traditionally have larger frames as compared to prescription spectacles. This is due to larger sunglasses having a more fashionable look as compared to smaller ones. Larger sunglasses can also help achieve a retro look. However, consumers should be urged to purchase sunglasses based on their individual face shapes and sizes. For example, an oversized pair can slip down a wearers nose bridge causing discomfort and irritation. An ideal pair of sunglasses should also have temples that sit well on a wearers ear without any irritation or rubbing at the back of the ear.

Adult sunglasses are not suitable for kids use as they have smaller faces.(Images used is from the internet)

Since children have a smaller face as compared to adults, they require their own pair of sunglasses that are smaller in size. Children that use adult sunglasses may find difficulty due to longer temples, a larger frame front as well as loose grip. Therefore, it is important for parents to invest in a proper pair of kids sunglasses to achieve a perfect wearing experience as well as optimal UV ray protection.

The Eyelet Sunplus can attach itself on the prescription spectacles of a child .

Other than being an accessory, sunglasses serve a much greater purpose. They help protect a wearers eye against harmful UV rays. UV ray exposure can cause various eye and skin diseases such as cataract and keratitis (cornea burns). Some of these conditions such as cataract start to develop from a young age. Eyelet has therefore taken on the challenge by creating the Eyelet Sunplus; a specially designed and unique product that can solve the issues stated above.

Eyelet Sunplus provides to total coverage that translates to optimum UV ray protection

The Eyelet Sunplus is a highly versatile form of UV ray protection that turns any child prescription spectacles into sunglasses in an instant. The Sunplus is specifically designed to attach itself on spectacle frames of different shapes and sizes. With the Eyelet Sunplus, children will not need to purchase an additional pair of kids sunglasses as they will be able to attach the Sunplus to their daily prescription spectacles. This also means that they would not have to worry about finding a pair of sunglasses that fits well as the Sunplus will take the shape of their current spectacles.

The Eyelet Sunplus's elastic band can extend from 30mm to 70mm

The Sunplus has a resilient elastic band which can extend 2.3 times its original length. This creates a flexibility to provide coverage for frames of different sizes and shapes. This flexibility and versatility would mean that as a child grows into a new pair of larger spectacles, the Sunplus would also be able to fit well.

The Eyelet Sunplus does not leave gaps where UV rays can penetrate

Additionally, Eyelet Sunplus provides a level of UV ray protection that is much more superior to traditional clip-on sunglasses. This is because the Sunplus attaches itself tightly onto a pair of spectacles leaving no gaps at the corners that are vulnerable to UV ray exposure. Clip-on sunglasses lack the close fit that is present in the Eyelet Sunplus with blind spots being present through gaps in the corners. All in all, Eyelet Sunplus provides the best possible UV ray protection for your child while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing look.



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