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Revolutionary patented design – Eyelet SunPlus is the most suitable sunglasses for myopic children!

Many children have contracted myopia at a young age due to the increase in near-work activities (e.g. reading, writing, using iPad) and sometimes due to hereditary reasons. Although an incurable disease, healthy living habits and the right spectacles can effectively slow the growth of myopia!

In 2015, the World Health Organisation reported that children who spend more than two hours of outdoor activities a day have a significant reduction in risk of developing myopia and slowing down of myopia progression amongst prescription wearers.

Even on cloudy days, ultraviolet (UV) rays are still around us all the time. They can cause various eye diseases, such as cataracts and keratitis (cornea burns). Unfortunately, children are most susceptible to contracting these eye diseases from UV rays because their eyes are more sensitive than adults. The transparency of the cornea and lens of children is higher than that of adults, which means that UV rays penetrate more and cause more damage to their retina.

Prevention is better than cure! While children who are already suffering from myopia need to spend outdoor time to slow the growth of myopia, the prolonged exposure to UV rays from outdoors may cause various other eye diseases. Hence, adequate eye protection is essential for children to keep their eyes safe while gaining the benefits of being outdoors.

Advantages of Eyelet SunPlus

1. Eyelet SunPlus is not your typical clip-on sunglasses. The super-resilient and elastic band can stretch 2.3 times of its original length. This creates the flexibility to fit many different kids’ spectacles of various shapes, sizes and thickness as they grow up and change spectacles over time, making it highly adaptable!

2. It is extremely cost-effective due to its high adaptability to fit a wide variety of frame sizes, thus reducing the burden of parents needing to constantly get a new pair of prescription sunglasses or attachments for their children’s spectacles.

3. The lenses of SunPlus are as wide as regular sunglasses. Thus, it not only provides optimal coverage and protection from UV rays, it also has a transformative look that is aesthetically pleasing!

4. SunPlus’s innovative structure fits any frames firmly, and it is perfect for active children where the lenses will not fall off or detach themselves easily. It is attached onto the existing spectacle frame to maintain an excellent vision.

5. It is also extremely convenient to attach and detach, and it saves a lot of storage space as it can be folded to fit into a small pouch.

Urband (parent company of Eyelet) aims to provide eyewear protection solutions and design products that improve people’s lives. We have achieved a balance between eyewear engineering and artistic design, featuring innovative yet aesthetically pleasing and comfortable products. With over 40 years of experience in the optical industry and the continuous drive to innovate, we believe that we can play a significant role in alleviating the existing problems of the eyewear industry that are faced universally.

In 2018, Urband won the highly acclaimed Silmo d’Or gold medal in the children’s eyewear category for its Eyelet Active series at the Silmo Paris Optical Fair.

In order to prevent and slow the growth of myopia, children need to engage in outdoor activities. As children are being exposed to harmful UV rays as a result, it is imperative to provide them with an effective pair of sunglasses to protect their eyes. While there are a dazzling array of options on the market, the Eyelet SunPlus is definitely the most ideal sunglasses for myopic children.

With our Eyelet spectacles frames and SunPlus, we aim to combat the myopia epidemic and provide the best eyewear protection for your children!



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