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Top 3 Refractive Errors

Updated: May 9

Do you know what Refractive errors are? 

Refractive errors are a type of condition that causes individual difficulty to see objects clearly. A common symptom that an individual face is blurred vision, which an eye exam can be used to diagnose the condition. 

Types of refractive errors on raise

The top 3 refractive errors identified through a research done are Hyperopia, Myopia and Astigmatism.  In simpler terms, Hyperopia means being able to see distant objects clearly but blurry for nearby objects. Vice Versa, for Myopia. Astigmatism means the surface of the eye also known as Cornea has mismatched curves, which can generally cause blurred vision of all distances. 

What are some symptoms of these refractive errors?

Mild hyperopia and myopia might not be noticeable therefore it’s recommended to get an eye exam frequently. With refractive errors occurring in children, it can lead to amblyopia also known as “Lazy Eye” this can cause permanent visual loss if it is not corrected in an early stage.

Can these refractive errors be cured?

Myopia and astigmatism can’t be cured. However, a pair of glasses can help to slow down the process of your condition. While glasses can help individuals with hyperopia to see clearer and more comfortably, it can however be cured with surgery.

Fun Fact

Did you know myopia and astigmatism can occur together? This can cause daily activities like driving and reading traffic sign boards challenging. It’s also identified that hyperopia is commonly accompanied with astigmatism. 

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