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Clearing Vision, Clearing Myths:

Kid’s Eyewear insights !

Exploring the World of Kid’s eyewear can be confusing amid prevalent misconceptions. Join us as we debunk common myths and highlight the importance of a clear vision!

Myth or Fact?

1. My Child’s eyesight weakens through using Spectacles


Eyeglasses weakening your child’s sight is a common myth yet to be scientifically proven. Parents should note that the increase in vision prescriptions may result from the mishandling of spectacle and not the glasses usage itself.

Eyelet is here to help!

Eyelet’s spectacles are thoughtfully designed with its core focus on resilient and stable frames that prevents the progression of myopia. When you purchase from Eyelet, you can be assured that your child’s active lifestyle don’t compromise with their vision lenses that causes common symptoms of blurred vision and eye fatigue.

2. Regular Eye Exams are vital even if my child’s vision seem perfect.


Parents often get mixed up with the terms “Eye Exam” & “Visual Screening”.

Visual Screening is a basic test done by school nurses to check for vision clarity while Eye Exam is comprehensively conducted by an optometrist to diagnose problems like Amblyopia (lazy eye). Bring your child for an annual eye exam for early problem detection.

3. Sunglasses are only needed for Adults.


Kids too require sunglasses when in outdoors as they are 70% more vulnerable to harmful UV rays than adults. As spending time outdoors reduces myopia progression through dopamine, a happy hormone from sunlight, you should invest in a quality child sunglass.

Eyelet Sunplus – Convenient & Cost-friendly Choice!

Most parents tend to purchase a Prescription Sunglass upon learning the importance of UV Protection. However, Prescription Sunglasses tend to be bulky & expensive when combined with vision lenses. Thus, it is unsuitable to provide our kids with uncomfortable sunglasses they tend to grow out of.

However, Eyelet Sunplus is an ideal Sunglass option that only requires Parents to attach our UV400 Sunglass lens to child’s current spectacle frame. Our adaptable and convenient lens fit most kids frame except metal for your child to enjoy outdoor benefits with UV protection.

Interested in our products?

Look through our website for more information or visit our Shopee store (Singapore only) to Purchase now!

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