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Importance of stability for kids’ spectacle frames

A pair of spectacles consist of a pair of lenses and a frame. Eyelet believes that frames and lenses are equally important for spectacle performance. Unfortunately, this is an issue that is little known by the public. This is because lens and frame manufacturers tend to only promote their own products. Stability is one of the most important aspects of spectacles for all ages. Loose fitted frames can reduce the effectiveness of spectacle frames. This is due to the focal point of the lenses being misaligned.

Misaligned focal points can also cause dizziness, headaches, eye strain and myopia progression.

(Image used from internet)

Stability is especially important for children’s eyewear due to their active lifestyle. Loose-fitted frames can easily slip off a child’s face during which can cause damage to the spectacle. At Eyelet, we emphasize our key principles of stability and resilience. These are vital characteristics as it helps maintain prolonged lens alignment within the frame. Many children do not possess the correct eyewear etiquette which can hinder the long-term stability of a pair of spectacles. For example, an incorrect spectacle removal technique can result in loose temples which results in a decrease in stability.

Loose spectacles can be counteracted by using rubber ear hooks to prevent their spectacles from sliding around. (Image used from internet)

One solution to preventing slippage is to use ear hooks. However, these ear hooks can cause discomfort to the wearer due to constant pressure to the back of a wearer’s ear. Eyelet’s solution to this is the specially designed Eyelet GRYP.

The Eyelet GRYP is attached further back on the spectacle temples, where they do not grip or rub any part of the ear at all, as it follows the contour of the head.

This results in a much more comfortable wearing experience void of any discomfort or irritation. Eyelet GRYP is positioned as the final piece of the puzzle for children’s eyewear needs. When parents bring their child to get a pair of spectacles, GRYP is the final thing they need to get to ensure that their children’s spectacles can have maximum efficiency and comfort. At Eyelet, we care for all kids, not only kids with Eyelet frames which is why we came out with GRYP, to ensure all kids can enjoy the stability of the frames. Therefore, the Eyelet GRYP is also designed to be flexible and able to be used for spectacles from other brands! Get yours today!

Eyelet GRYP also features our mascot, Gizmo whilst also being available in a variety of colours.



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