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The raise of myopia

Updated: May 9

In an article published by Singhealth, shared that there’s an increase globally in myopia, it’s estimated that 30% of individuals face myopia, this number will further increase in the future and is expected to increase to 50% by 2050. Data shared also shown the following:

The different vision range of being myopic:

It might not be noticeable when you are mild myopic, some individuals only notice at an older age in circumstances such as getting their driving license. To prevent further and worsen myopia conditions, here are some symptoms you should take note of.

Untreated myopia can lead to worsen conditions which would cause individuals to be highly myopic in the future. Additionally, being high myopia would increase the risk of other eye disorders such as:

To control and slow down the process of your myopia condition, you need a stable frame for your glasses. A loose and unstable pair of frames can cause the focal point to be misaligned which causes more damage to the eyes. Therefore, to safeguard the eyes you need a stable and durable pair of frames, which is none other than Eyelet. Eyelet ensure stability, durability, comfortability in your child frame, which help to reduce the chances of worsening myopia condition.  

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