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Food that can help maintain a healthy eyesight

Updated: May 9

You probably have been told that there are ways to improve and maintain healthy eyesights by getting sunlight, resting your eyes, doing eye exercise. While these are all not wrong, we are going to share one of the easiest ways to achieve and maintain a healthy eyesight! 

Yes, eating right! Isn’t it amazing to be able to eat while benefiting our eye health and vision? You wouldn’t want to miss the beautiful scenery in life at an early age right? Therefore, it’s crucial for us to take care of our eyes! In this blog, we would share some food that can help improve your eye health and vision!

Firstly, fruits! These fruits are high in vitamin C and help to support health and blood vessels of the eyes, which prevent dry eyes as well. Fruits come in different antioxidants which some act as a sunblock and protects eyes from harmful lights, while the others benefit in ways such as defending against free radicals, and reduce the risk of many diseases!

Followed by vegetables, which are high in carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, antioxidant nutrients that have been shown to promote eye health. Most vegetables, especially leafy green vegetables, carry lutein and zeaxanthin which are antioxidants found in them. These are the key to protect the macula as it’s a part of the retina located at the back of the eyes. 

And of course there are many other food sources that can help to maintain a healthy eyesight. Salmon and other fish have a rich source of omega-3 fatty acid which promotes the health of the retina at the back of the eye, same goes for chia seed. As for eggs, the yolk contains vitamin A which safeguard the cornea. Lastly, poultry contain zinc which protects your retina!

There are many more you can do to protect your eyes. If you are often under the sun it is important to protect your eyes from the intense sunlight, as the UV rays can harm your eyes. To do so,  you can wear sunglasses when you are doing outdoor activity. Sunglasses not only protect your eyes, but with SunPlus it can also enhance your outfits and style! Get your hands on our portable, convenient, fashionable Eyelet SunPlus now.

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