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The Common Problem

Updated: May 8

While parents are concerned about their kids from health to academic matters. There are things that parents often neglect which are the signs and symptoms shown by their kids, when they are in discomfort and are facing certain eye diseases. 

Firstly, not all kids can articulate their thoughts and feelings. Depending on their age and individual, younger kids are likely unable to identify the issue,  thus it’s harder for them to inform their parents about their discomfort. However, there are a few signs parents can look out for to help identify if there’s a need for a pair of glasses. 

Secondly, some of the discomfort your kids might be facing when their frames do not fit well. These are some signs to look out for to identify if there is a need to change out your current pair of glasses, as your kids might be facing such issue in silence without you noticing. 

Lastly, understanding how kids can be careless and rough and a pair of glasses can be costly, even more when it breaks easily. Fret not, Eyelet provides the wearer comfortability, stability and a durable frame, Eyelet has it all covered for you! It went through an extreme stretch test to ensure the ability to withstand harsh and careless handling of kids as shown below, so parents do not have to worry about easy spoilage and damage. 

It’s crucial to have a stable frame as it helps to ensure the alignment to the focal point which can then help to slow down the progression of children myopia! Eyelet provide a wide variety for customers, from series, design to colors! You surely can find the one that suits you!

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