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Eyes & A’s: Homework Hacks

Tips for a Vision-Friendly Study Environment!

Every parent understands the role of education in their child’s future. Join us in this blog as we explore creating a study environment that empowers your child’s academic journey!

The Power of a Conducive Study Environment:

Heard the phrase “There’s no place like home”? This quote emphasises the need for a nourishing environment for young minds to thrive. Research stating a conducive environment impacting a child’s learning by 25% too supports the importance of a proper learning environment!

Tips from us to you:

Now that we have understood the importance of a conducive environment, lets learn how to create them!

1. Be far from Distractions

Our homes are filled with distractions from tv to comfy beds that may deviate your child’s attention from studying. To help them concentrate, aim to place your child’s study desk in front of an uncluttered wall.

2. Allow Natural Lighting

Worried your child might feel confined studying against a wall? Make use of nature! Position your child’s desk beside a window to create a sense of openness. Furthermore, as studies have found students in naturally lit environments achieving grades 25% higher than those in dimly lit classrooms, you should embrace natural sunlight whenever possible!

3. Use the desk only for studies

Parents should establish clear guidelines on crucial matters like studies. Encouraging kids to use the study desk only for educational purposes subconsciously boosts their focus & motivation due to the strong association between learning at the desk.

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