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Fun fact about eyes

Join us and explore some fun facts about our eyes that you may not have known!

Fun Fact 1:

Each of our eyes has 6 eye muscles, these muscles are similar to puppet strings where they help us to see in a certain direction. These eye muscles work so hard that they move approximately 100,000 times per day!

Fun Fact 2:

Did you know, the size of the baby's eyes is 75% of their adult eyes? Therefore, in the first few years baby eyes will grow a lot. As they reach their puberty, their eyeball would also go through a growth spurt. 

Fun Fact 3:

The clear layer covering the front of our eyes, cornea, is like a tiny camera! Cornea bends and focuses light onto the retina at the back of our eyes, making the world around us clear and colorful!

Fun Fact 4:

Tears help to protect our eyes! Tears not only help to express our emotions, but they play a crucial role too! Tears help to keep our eyes moist and wash away dust and germs. They can even heal small scratches naturally as a form of protection to our eyes!

Fun Fact 5:

Rods and Cones the 2 cells in our eyes help us to see in different situations. While rods help us with night vision in low light conditions, cones help us to see colors in the day!

Fun Fact 6:

Just like our fingerprint, the iris is also unique! It is a special way to identify people, now you know how eye locks work!

However, let’s not take our eyes for granted. We need to protect our eyes, as the rods and cones can get damaged when there's excessive exposure to the sun! To do so, it’s advised to wear a pair of sunglasses. Therefore, do check out Eyelet SunPlus for portable and convenient sunglasses that block out UV!

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