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Seasonal Allergy Alleviation

Home Remedies for a Bright & Clear Sight!

As seasons change, so do the challenges for our eyes. Embark with us on this insightful journey as we learn how to tackle seasonal eye allergies!

What are Seasonal Eye Allergies?

Seasonal Eye allergies are a common occurrence that affects about 15% to 25% of children. Exposure to airborne allergens like pollen and dust during spring, summer and fall months will cause symptoms of red, swollen, and itchy eyes.

Home Remedies for you to try!

1. Apply a Cold Compress

A cold compress is a quick and effective solution that shrinks irritated eye tissues & provides soothing relieve!

Follow these simple steps for greater benefit:

- Fill a small bowl with water & ice

- Soak a clean cloth & wring out excess water

- Apply the cold cloth to your closed eyes for 10-15 minutes

- Repeat several times daily for better results

2. Use Eye Drops

Eye drops work like a breath of fresh air to your dry eyes by providing lubrication and flushing out allergens. To prevent aggravation of symptoms, wash your hands before application & avoid blinking right away.

3. Stay Hydrated

When you remain hydrated during allergies, you will be able to reduce histamine, a chemical triggering allergy symptom. Furthermore, drinking plenty of water helps with a smoother recovery process!

Prevention is better than Cure!

Don’t want your child to experience these uncomfortable allergies again?

Choose Eyelet SunPlus – the convenient clip-on solution for bespectacled kids! In addition to UV protection, our clip-on sunglasses act as a barrier from harmful allergens like pollens and dust while ensuring a clear vision. With Eyelet, you are proactively safeguarding your child’s vision health!

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