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Choosing the right pair of spectacles

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

New year, new you! Whether you’re getting a new prescription or just want to get a new look, here are some tips for how to get the most suitable pair of spectacles for you or your child!

Proportion & Fit

Possibly the most important yet underlooked aspects of choosing a right pair of frames, most people don’t realise there is actually a big range of frame sizes available at the shop and opt to pick and choose from the available frames at random and for whatever happens to catch their eye.

Glasses too big may affect vision clarity and put excess weight on the nose

The rule is simple, if your face is small, don’t get a large pair of spectacles and vice versa. Choosing the ideal size to fit it is the foundation to getting an appropriate pair of spectacles as you want your eyes to be positioned in the middle of the lens! As such, next time you’re at the eyewear store, be more conscientious about which frame to pick, know the width of your face and ask the optician for options according to it!

Frame Shape

Different frame shapes complement different face shapes better, here’s a graphic giving you a gist of what works for the following shapes!

Still, choosing what you are comfortable with is most important!

Of course, this is not a comprehensive list of all the face & frame shapes out there and you should explore your options and choose something that you will be comfortable in!


There are many options for what material spectacles you’d like to have from plastic to various kinds of metals and as such it may be a tough choice for you! As such, take into consideration your personal aesthetic and lifestyle, if you’re sporty, you may benefit from something more durable and sweat resistant.

Frames can be made from many different materials

And for your little one? You'd definitely want one that’s resilient to their rough handling which is a solution we offer with our various frame series which you can go through on this site!

Eyelet frames are engineered to withstand rough handling by children!

Do I need lens add-ons?

Most optical shops allow you to opt for add-ons like anti-fog or blue light block etc., and whether you need them will once again depend on your personal needs (i.e. myopia control lens for kids).

Due to the increased awareness regarding eye health and record high screen usage, blue light emitted from devices has been touted as the root cause of worsening eye health worldwide. Conversely, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), studies show that blue light blocking lens do not actually help with symptoms of digital eye strain, and in fact digital eye strain is more so the result of poor device usage habits like staring at the screen for too long without break! That said, there have been reports of people feeling as though they’ve benefited from blue light blocking lenses and as such opt for it at your own discretion.

With all that being said, hopefully you’re now ready to pick out the best pair of spectacles for you!

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