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Understanding our design philosophy

In this day and age, options for spectacles are plentiful and most people choose to differentiate them based only on the lens and view the frame superficially, focusing solely on things like colour and design . Lenses are but one half of a whole that are spectacles, and how effective the lens can be depends greatly on the quality of the frame too.

Urband, as a company (and by extension Eyelet), place a heavy emphasis on creating products that not only have style, but substance. This means putting a strong focus into creating engineering-driven, functional products that can fulfil day-to-day use, all without discounting aesthetics to create visually appealing products that deliver a great user experience.

How is this applied to Eyelet?

Eyelet Trend’s frame has a special frame front and temples constructed with a ‘twist’ that can be manipulated to an extreme but still go back into its original place. This ensures that even with children’s rough handling, it is significantly more difficult to deform permanently which may compromise the effectiveness of myopia management lenses.

Eyelet frame's extremely flexible temples
Frame temples have a ‘twist’ design to keep it flexible and prevent permanent deformation

Eyelet SunPlus are clip-on sunglasses that brim with features unlike anything you can find on the market. Innovatively constructed with elastic string to hold the lenses together, it makes the SunPlus an infinitely more convenient, portable and accessible choice over conventional clip-on sunglasses. To get a more in-depth view of the SunPlus, click here.

SunPlus clip-on sunglasses innovative elastic string design
Elastic string design make it a more portable and accessible option

Lastly, rethinking conventional ear hooks brought us to the Eyelet GRYP. Instead of the uncomfortable user experience that ear hooks can cause due to the friction against the ears, the GRYP’s design allows it to instead do so against the side of the head. This gives the frames the same stability ear hooks would without making it a negative experience for your child! Learn about the importance of frame stability here!

Encourage a healthy lifestyle without worrying about spectacles falling off!

All in all, by trying to make feature-rich and practical products, we hope to provide you more value for your purchase and at the same time enhance your child’s quality of life!

Interested in our products? Look through our website and blog for more information or visit our Shopee store (Singapore only) to purchase now!



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