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Can the sun provide more good or harm?

Updated: May 8

You have heard a lot about how the sun can benefit you, such as getting Vitamin D from it, good for kids' bones, and helps the body absorb calcium. While some are concerned about getting a sunburn, thus, uses sunblock. However, do you think that’s sufficient to protect your children?

The answer is NO! That’s not enough, you have left out the eyes as it wasn’t being protected this can cause some damage, such as:

  • Pinguecula (yellow colored growth that’s limited to the conjunctiva which may contain protein, fat or calcium)  

  • Pterygium (a wedge shaped growth of the conjunctiva which extends to the cornea. This usually caused irritation, redness and discomfort, which can affect vision)

  • Eye Cancer

  • Skin Cancer around the eyes

  • Cataracts (when the clear lens in the eye become cloudy, which cause blurry vision) 

To prevent that from happening, you can wear sunglasses which help to block out UV light! Therefore, Eyelet has created SunPlus. SunPlus is convenient and portable so users do not have to contemplate their purchase! Simply clip on SunPlus on your existing glasses and you are good to go!

Interested in our products?

Look through our website for more information or visit our Shopee store (Singapore only) to purchase now!

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