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Tips on maintaining a healthy eyesight

Updated: May 9

A healthy eyesight not only provides us with good vision but it can impact our lives and ability to carry out our daily activities. Not only does it help us see clearly but also brings us closer to nature, people and a smooth engagement with our daily activities such as the ability to work and enjoy sports. Therefore, here are some tips for you to maintain a healthy eyesight!

Tip1: Schedule a regular eye exams

This allows identification of any vision problem in an early stage, allowing prompt treatment, as some vision problems can be corrected in an early stage. It’s recommended that kids should get their eyes checked once every one to two years.

Tip2: Look out for sign

Kids might not be able to identify as they think everyone is seeing things the same as them. Furthermore, young kids are unable to voice out the issue however their actions speak for them. Some common symptoms of a vision problem would be rubbing of eyes, squinting, headache and holding objects closer to their eyes. 

Tip3: Outdoor activities and limitation of screen time

This not only promotes a healthy vision but also reduces the risk of getting myopia. When sunlight reaches the retina, dopamine is released into the eye, this helps to prevent the eye from enlarging. Additionally, with outdoor playtime it greatly reduces time spent on mobile devices as well!

Tip4: A balanced diet

Getting a balanced diet can help with promoting good eyesight too! For more information you can check out our previous blog “Food that can help maintain a healthy eyesight”!

Tip5: Proper lighting

With the right lighting it can promote healthy vision in kids, such as the room being lit up when reading a book and using electronic devices. This generally reduces eye strain in the process.

Tip6: Rest of eyes

Give your eyes a break, as they have worked throughout the day. You can do so by following the 20-20-20 rule, where you rest your eyes after 20 minutes of using your electronic devices and see objects approximately 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This allows the eyes to calm down and relax the eye muscles.

Tip7: Being Hydrated

It’s important to stay hydrated, as it helps to moist the eye. Additionally, since our tear film consists of 3 layers, one of them being an aqueous (water) layer which helps to produce quality tears. Therefore, when you are dehydrated it would cause dry eyes. 

Last tip to maintain a healthy eyesight is to protect our eyes from UV light. Thus, we can wear sunglasses to do so, especially when doing intensive outdoor activities for long hours. 

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