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Kids & Blue Light: What Every Parent Should Know

Protecting Young Eyes in the Digital age!

In today’s digital age, screens are child’s constant companions from entertainment to education. But, do kids really need blue light lenses? Read on to find out!

What is Blue Light?

Blue lights are High-Energy, Short-Wavelength lights emitted from sources of Sun, Smartphone & LED lights. Constant exposure to these lights will deeply penetration a child’s delicate eyes to disrupt their eyesight & sleep cycle.

Do Blue Light lenses really work?

Ready for the Big Reveal?

Though blue-light lenses reduce the amount of blue light entering your child’s eyes, there is inadequate scientific evidence to prove that they alleviate eye strain, enhance visual performance & sleep quality.

Simply put, you should promote good practices like eye exercises to reduce eye strain & consult a professional for an informed choice!

Eyelet’s differentiation

When the eyewear industry’s focus was mainly on lenses, Eyelet Eyewear stood apart by prioritizing durable and quality frames that form the foundation for comfortable eyewear. We work closely with Professionals and our R&D team to create well-fitted kid’s frame that provides stable vision by being resilient to careless handling!

Interested in our products?

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