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Top-Notch care for Kid’s Glasses:

A Parent’s Guide !

Dear Parents, Good eye care does not end upon purchase of a quality glasses. Maintenance is also needed for a long-term use. Join Eyelet in this blog for guidance!

Why Proper Care Matters?

Kids live an active lifestyle from hectic classrooms to exciting playdates & memorable family outings! As Parents, you should educate your child on appropriate care practices for a consistent crystal-clear vision. With proper maintenance, your child can avoid issues like myopia progression and eye fatigue caused by misaligned frames and scratched lens.

Our Top Tips for you!

1. Have a Regular Cleaning routine

Just like how brushing your teeth and bathing is a daily routine, Eyelet advocates cleaning your glasses daily too to prevent smudged glasses that cause eye strain. Follow these 4 simple steps for better results:

- Wash your hands with soap and dry them off

- Rinse your glasses under running tap water

- Gently rub your lens with lotion-free dishwashing liquid

- Rinse of the liquid & Dry your glasses with a clean microfiber cloth

2. Use both hands while removing glasses

Admit it! We have all removed our glasses with 1 hand due to its convenience. However, this improper practice causes the temple of your glasses to get misaligned which will cause a loosely-fitted glass.

How Eyelet solves this?

Eyelet’s greatest strength lies in our ability to understand & address Parent’s concern. To cater to your child’s carefree lifestyle, all our frames have flexible hinges that allow for durability and convenience.

3. Invest in Practical accessories

In addition to proper cleaning and handling, you should also consider purchasing quality accessories that enhance your child’s glasses. Eyelet GRYP, an excellent anti-slip stretchable ear hook ensures that your child’s frames stay secure for maximum lens efficiency.

Ready to elevate your Child’s eyewear experience?

Look through our website for more information or visit our Shopee store (Singapore only) to Purchase now!

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