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Unlock Your Perfect Look: Glasses Shapes That Complement Your Unique Face Shape!

We understand the importance of kids and teens expressing their unique styles while feeling confident, and that's why our diverse Eyelet Trend collection comes in various shapes to suit every face. In this blog, we'll help you choose the perfect glasses shape for your child's face, whether they have a round, oval, square, heart or diamond-shaped face, we will ensure they unlock their perfect look!

The 5 Face Shapes

  • Round Face: Soft curves, rounded chin.

  • Oval Face: Balanced proportions, slightly narrower forehead, gently curved jawline.

  • Square Face: Strong, angular jawline, broad forehead, equal width face.

  • Heart Face: Broad forehead, high cheekbones, narrow pointed chin.

  • Diamond Face: Narrow forehead and jawline, broad cheekbones, sharply defined look.


1. Circle-Shaped Glasses

  • Best Fit: Square and diamond faces.

  • Why: The rounded shape of circular Eyelet Trend glasses softens angular features and broad cheekbones, creating a harmonious balance. For square faces, they diminish the sharpness of the jawline, while for diamond faces, they counterbalance the width of the cheekbones, offering a gentle and cohesive appearance for your kids.


2. Hexagon-Shaped Glasses

  • Best Fit: Oval and round faces.

  • Why: The unique angles of hexagonal Eyelet Trend frames add definition and interest, making these shapes ideal for complementing the soft curves of round faces and the balanced proportions of oval faces. The angular design contrasts with rounder features, providing a striking and stylish look for your kids.


3. Rectangle-Shaped Glasses

  • Best Fit: Round and heart-shaped faces.

  • Why: Rectangular Eyelet Trend frames add angles to soft, rounded features, enhancing the structure of round faces and balancing out the wider forehead characteristic of heart-shaped faces. These frames provide a defined, sharp look, adding confidence and sophistication to your kid's appearance.


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