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Facts about vision loss in children

Vision loss can happen to anyone, including kids. We shall not oversee such issues and take their vision for granted. 

There are a few possible reasons for vision loss occurring to kids, while the most common reason is amblyopia and refractive errors. Amblyopia, also known as “Lazy Eye” is found in 2% of 6-72 months old children. As for refractive errors, it can be cured in various ways. However, when treatment is delayed causing severe impact to the eye it can result in a visual impairment. In rare cases when shingles occur around or in the eye leading to a Glaucoma it can damage the optic nerves, leading to vision loss.

Some symptoms for vision loss that you can look out for are:

However, for much efficient check and ways to prevent vision loss. You should schedule a regular eye check as this helps to identify certain conditions at an early stage which can be efficient and effective in treatment. Not to forget, wearing your protective eyewear. This can be your sunglasses, sport gear such as goggles, safety shields and safety glasses, as it has been reported that 50,000 children in the United States suffer eye injuries every year. Lastly, healthy eating which you can find more here.

Lastly, it’s necessary to get their eyes checked respectively shown below. After 5 years old, it's recommended to get an eye check once every one or two years to identify any underlying condition.

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